Personalised children's name tags for treasured moments

Designed to add a touch of whimsy and practicality to your little one’s belongings, these charming keepsakes are perfect for daycare, school, or any adventure. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our name tags feature vibrant colors, playful designs, and, of course, your child’s name elegantly displayed. From backpacks to lunchboxes, jackets to water bottles, Petit-Fernand‘s custom tags ensure that your child’s belongings are easily identifiable, reducing the chances of lost items.

unforgettable birthday party

Tips and tricks for all ages

Organise an unforgettable birthday party

Are you planning to celebrate your child’s birthday, but are struggling to come up with fun ideas to entertain your guests? No worries, there are plenty of great ideas you can choose from to make the most memorable party. For example, you could organise a piƱata. As this Mexican tradition involves blindfolding and using a stick to try and make a figurine filled with sweets burst, beware of blows. Treasure hunts are also a great way to keep the kids busy during the special event.

Children's backpacks

Comfortable and stylish

A good backpack will adjust to your child’s growth.

Coloured pencils

Creative leisure

Express your children’s creativity with coloured pencils.

Pen kit

High-performance pens

We have a range of classic pens, gel pens, fountain pens and multi-function pens.

Design a fun and functional children's bedroom

A child’s bedroom is a place to play, wake up and rest. That’s why you need to design the room in such a way that it feels intimate, stimulating and comfortable. If you want to create a cosy, playful atmosphere in your child’s bedroom, you should go with soft and harmonious colours. Pastel shades such as blue, pink, green or yellow are the ideal colours to embellish the room. These are well-known for bringing serenity and softness to all spaces.

children s bedroom

Create an inspiring play space

Family holidays, destinations for unforgettable memories

Plan your next family trip by choosing destinations that suit your children’s ages. If they are under six, look for destinations that will not overwhelm them. For instance, a trip to the countryside might be perfect, as it brings enough novelty to entertain the children’s curiosity.

Artistic activities for children, awaken their creativity with DIY workshops

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting

Ink, graphite, watercolour, acrylic, oil...

Painting and drawing workshops help the children develop their artistic affinities and raw imagination.

Music and dance

Music and dance

A space for artistic awakening and expression

Dance and music are creative and fun activities that your children will love.

Family cooking

Family cooking

Developing culinary skills

A family cooking workshop is a fun and friendly activity that will create lifelong memories.

01.Managing emotions

express his feelings

Teach your child to express his feelings

Children need to express their feelings for the sake of their development. The expression of feelings begins in early childhood, during interactions with family, teachers and friends. They learn to recognize their own feelings by imitating and observing others.

0.2 Experiments to perform

child scientific curiosity

Encourage your child's scientific curiosity

Spark your child’s interest in science from an early age. To do this, you need to help them discover the world around them: weather phenomena, animals, nature, machines… Encourage them to experiment, ask questions, arouse their curiosity… In short, there’s an enormous amount to explore and observe.