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Archive - May 30, 2012


OSKRI Corp. of Lake Mills, WI is recalling 3.53 ounce bags of “Peach Granola”, because it may contain undeclared cashews.
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Toys R Us Recalls Imaginarium Activity Center Due to Choking Hazard

Small wooden knobs attaching the xylophone keys can break off. This poses a choking hazard to young children.

DMARD not superior to oral therapy in long-term treatment of patients with JIA

A retrospective analysis of methotrexate (MTX) safety data found that injection of this disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD) was not superior to oral therapy in long-term treatment of patient
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Funding alone will not reduce maternal and child mortality rates

The statistics on maternal, newborn, and child mortality around the world are staggering: 265,000 maternal deaths, 880,000 stillbirths, 1.2 million neonatal deaths, and 3.2 million infant and child de
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New tool for diagnosing children with IMAGe syndrome

UCLA geneticists have identified the mutation responsible for IMAGe syndrome, a rare disorder that stunts infants' growth. The twist?
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Researchers uncover insights into rare genetic disorders

Researchers studying rare genetic disorders have uncovered insights into those diseases in biological structures that regulate chromosomes when cells divide.
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CHOC Children's research project receives $5.5M CIRM grant

A CHOC Children's research project, under the direction of Philip H.
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State roundup: The effects of proposed Calif. budget cuts; Fewer free vaccinations in Texas

Low-income children in rural California communities are in jeopardy of losing their doctors and health care plans under Gov.
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Naphthalene exposure may increase risk of chromosomal aberrations in children

According to a new study, children exposed to high levels of the common air pollutant naphthalene are at increased risk for chromosomal aberrations (CAs), which have been previously associated with ca
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Scientists identify 20 distinct gene mutations in patients with FGD

A rare disease which often first presents in newborn babies has been traced to a novel genetic defect, scientists at Queen Mary, University of London have found.